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3 productivity hacks for building the ultimate remote team

Despite all the documented advantages of remote working, there are still some situations when an in-house team takes the upper hand. 

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Dear Writing, I hate you: Lessons from 7 famous authors who hated their job

Today started like every other day. With a blank page. Articles need to be written. To-do lists need to be completed. But still that pesky little cursor stays in the same spot taunting me with his methodical disappearing and re-appearing act.

6 exercise myths dispelled by science

As a kid I used to see ads on TV for a campaign called “Life. Be in it”, which were designed to encourage kids to go outside and exercise more.

Creativity conditioning: The secrets to consistent creation

Creativity is not just for artists, musicians, writers, and designers. We are all creative, but the folks who are known for it have spent time cultivating it, failing at it, and working at it.

How to find the perfect remote working setup for you

Since I started working remotely I’ve become more productive, learned to complete my work faster, and become better at prioritizing what I work on. I’ve also learned more about how I work, and when I work best.