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Build to learn: Why you should make things no one will ever use

If you’ve ever built something for other people you’ll know the buzz that comes from having real users. There’s nothing quite like knowing you made something from scratch that helped or entertained another person.

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We must matter: A designer’s first manifesto

Life is inherently lonely; the most fulfilling answer to our loneliness is in the form of connections. Connections through people, experiences, moments and our environment. Without these connections we remain inside ourselves.

The reason you’re not happy (and how to fix it)

If only [blank], I would be truly happy. We’ve all uttered that phrase at one point during our lives, right?

The importance of creating a culture of self-care

Officially, I’ve been working for startups since 2011 but in reality I was born into entrepreneurism. I grew up watching my dad pour his soul into his company, working himself into a very unhealthy state, only to see it fail.

Demystifying the muse: 5 creativity myths you need to stop believing

There’s a letter from an 1815 issue of General Music Journal where Mozart describes his creative process as instantaneous: no struggle or writer's block. The muse simply showed up and he was ready. The problem? The letter is a fraud.