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Which is better: a native app or web app?

I’ve long been against the idea of web apps on mobile devices like phones and tablets because I like the experience of a native app from an app store much more.

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The challenge of setting multiple goals at once (and how to actually do it)

A few months ago, I decided to try stopping work at noon. After I had lunch, I'd work on anything I wanted to that didn't pay the bills - like my company Exist or my personal blog.

The Single Best Thing You Can Do for Yourself and Your Company

I left town for a week. I didn’t just go to another city. I went to one of the most remote areas of the Southwest. I went where there’s no internet, no cell service…nothing. Dis-conn-ected.

How to use science to make better decisions

2+2= Unless you’re a cyborg, you couldn’t help but think of the number “4" when you saw the above expression.

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