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An Easier Way to Make Hard Decisions

Would you rather burp confetti or fart glitter? While that might seem a bit ridiculous each and every one of us has been in the position of having to choose between two equally good (or bad) choices.

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Live Like You’re Dying (And Find Time For the Things that Matter)

'Live like you're dying.' It sounds great in theory. Imagine if we became so aware of our own mortality that we let go of our egos, our fears and our everyday worries, and focused on what really matters

The Power of Routine for Boosting Creativity

Nothing seems further from creativity than routine (to me, anyway). Routine conjures up 9-5 workdays, long commutes and words like boring, stuffy and repetitive. None of the things I associate with being creative.

How Healthy is Positivity, Really?

Positive thinking and striving for happiness are common goals associated with self-improvement. It seems that they're becoming more pervasive within company cultures, too, as employee happiness, customer happiness, and a focus on productivity pop up in more company culture documents and mission statements.

Why You Should Sit and Do Nothing

There’s a middle school in one of the roughest neighborhoods of San Francisco where crime, poverty and traumatic stress are part of every day life. There, twice a day, a bell rings and the once rowdy students quiet down to sit in silence for 15 minutes.

It’s part of the Quiet Time program, where adolescents are being taught to clear their minds and become accustomed to periods of silence in an effort to reduce stress levels and improve focus.