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The new team dynamic: 6 ways to help your remote workers feel at home

Work is no longer a place. Thanks to innovations in technology, and the help of forward thinking companies, geography no longer limits your job opportunities.

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Growth through reflection: The ultimate guide to writing monthly reviews

For the past year I’ve been writing a review of both my personal and professional achievements, goals, and habits every month—a practice that has become invaluable.

How to get a busy person to respond to your email

Some days I get hundreds of emails a day. It really sucks. The worst part is that most of the emails are important and I physically can’t respond to all of them.

How to find work/life balance as an entrepreneur

I love being an entrepreneur. It gives me the freedom to choose what I work on and when and how I do it. But there are two sides to every coin.

The most productive ways to waste your time

You’re a responsible adult. Like most of us, you want to improve your personal and professional life and think about the things you could do to get there.