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Dealing with strange customer behavior? Just ask them ‘why?’

There’s a technique taken from the Toyota Production System called The Five Whys. It’s a process of asking why over and over (five times) until you discover a deeper insight—that is, what’s at the heart of the problem.

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Effective marketing for introverts

I know you have something to say. You’ve been saving it up for a while now, being patient, listening, taking notes, and researching. You want your voice to be heard, but you’re scared to open your mouth.

The Art of endurance: 4 ways to boost your willpower

Last month, I came up with the brilliant idea of attempting to hold a forearm plank for fifteen minutes with just 30 days to train.

The weird science behind first impressions

If there's one thing I've learned over the past five years of working as a journalist it's that success can come down to the two seconds after you first meet someone. First impressions can make or break your career.

What I would do differently if I was learning to code today

I've been learning to build iOS apps in Objective-C for the past few months and I'm finally starting to really get my head around it. It's been a lot harder and taken a lot longer than I expected.