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How lucid dreaming can improve your creativity while you sleep

Imagine falling asleep and being able to pick up writing tips from Hemingway, hit tennis balls with Serena Williams, or pitch your startup to Peter Thiel knowing you can carry these very skills and experiences into waking life.

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When feedback becomes dangerous

I’ve always been fascinated by the music industry. Not necessarily the labels, insane deals, and celebrity status, but more the process of how a new album or song is created and how we only ever really see the final product.

Why you can’t be a quiet creative (if you want to make a living)

If you’re selling your time as a freelancer, or selling your own products, you’ve probably already realized you need to put nearly as much effort into marketing as you do into your work.

It all starts with purpose: How to find your company’s guiding principle

I recently flew across the world with an airline that for all intents and purposes shouldn’t exist.

Take the plunge: How to master your fear of failure

There’s an aspiring adventurer, entrepreneur or novelist in all of us. Yet when it comes to chasing after our goals and dreams we’re often too scared to take the leap.